Thursday, September 4, 2008

Microsoft technical support Australia

Support on click - a Microsoft technical support Australia Company, had recently launched its services in Australia, and has already generated over 327 customers from the continent. With over 16000 customers in the US, around 7000 customers in the UK and 4000 customers in Canada, the company has a target of developing the customer base in
Australia and taking the count to 1000 by the end of September 2008. However, it's not the quantity that matters but the quality of service and the customer satisfaction - which is the USP of the company.

There are thousands of PC Support Australia users in Australia and it is obvious that the users need Computer help Australia from time to time. The company is overwhelmed by the response it is getting from the Australian customers. As per the customer feedback it is found that most of the PC users have either problem with the operating system or with virus.

While most anti-virus Australia scanners are only able to identify viruses that have been pre-analyzed by virus researchers, Support on Click uses the latest technology to analyze programs, detect unknown or new macro viruses and enable the user to use a computer free from the infected files immediately.

Vista was introduced in January 2007 and quickly became the world's dominant operating system since it is pre-installed on the vast majority of new PCs. But it has failed to catch on in the business market and according to a recent article in Computer World; many PC owners often downgrade their system to run the previous operating system Windows XP, which is considered by many experts to be faster and more stable. Support on Click thus provides support for both these Operating systems, and have helped PC users to upgrade / downgrade their OS. Microsoft is currently working on a successor to Vista called Windows 7, which could debut as early as next year.
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