Friday, October 3, 2008

Install Windows Vista Installation Australia

Because many (some would say most) of the TV Pack's new features center on new television distribution formats, support for them generally requires new hardware. Even if you own a relatively new tuner from one of the major manufacturers, such as Hauppauge, AVerMedia, Silicon Dust, or ATI, the process is hardly trivial; support within Media Center doesn't necessarily mean the tuner card's drivers support the format, after all. Indeed, Hauppauge recently did an end-run around drivers, leading enthusiasts to add an entry to their Registries that adds QAM functionality to many of Hauppauge's new cards. Proceed with caution.
In addition to the right tuner hardware, TV Pack requires a computer running Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate (x86 or x64) and Service Pack 1. Microsoft claims that the system will run best on a fresh install of the OS, but many people have reported success adding it to an existing installation. Once you've found and downloaded the TV Pack, installation is a three-part process: First you'll install Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008, then the new Play Ready DRM software, and finally a few patches for known bugs. Here's how it works:
1. Install Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008. This component provides the basic functionality of the TV Pack, and it can't be removed once installed.
2. Install the Play Ready PC Runtime. Play Ready is a new DRM scheme from Microsoft, ostensibly the successor to Plays For Sure. According to the technology's Web site, "Microsoft Play Ready is a new content access technology that enables business models for a wide range of digital entertainment content." It was designed originally for mobile phones, but seems instead to have become a key part of the new WTV file format. Download the (x86 version here or the 64-bit version here.
3. Install patches. Before releasing the software, Microsoft found and fixed a number of bugs (though there are still a few unlatched ones). Install the following two patches from the Download Center to solve some known glitches. KB951685 fixes an issue in which video playback stops responding when you watch video or Live TV on a Vista computer. KB950754 fixes noticeable problems that occur in the video when you use the DirectSound renderer on Windows Vista Installation Australia
. Follow this up by running Windows Updates and installing anything required or recommended before launching Windows Media Center and walking through the setup menus.
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