Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tech Support Business

Businesses can offer you solutions to computer viruses and malware. Often viruses and malware can ruin your computer by freezing the data stored in it. It may even erase the data and force the computer to stop working. This can be a major problem for companies surrounding their business on relying on information stored in the company computer system. This can damage relationships with customers and clients and even can ruin an entire company. It is smart to back up your system as a company and technical support can help you with that.


1. Create a plan for your company. Craft a business blueprint which will outline the steps you are going to implement to take your tech support business from ground zero to well-established powerhouse. Be sure to get specific when creating your business plan in order to make it easier for potential investors and financial institutions to provide funds for your tech support company in the future. Include areas such as where you want to be in 5 years, your areas of focus, where you will be in one year, and the plan you have to drive traffic to your physical or online location.

2. Find out which licenses and permits are required in your area. Contact the local Department of Business in your tate. Consider hiring a lawyer to set up the type of company you desire such as an S Corporation or Limited Liability Company. If you are tight on money, consider using an online service such as to set up your tech support company.

3. Decide on the services you will offer. Conduct your own research by phoning computer stores in your area. Obtain the contact information of your competitors by looking online at their websites or in your local yellow pages. Offer the same services your competition offers for a cheaper rate.

4. Find Clients. Walk into businesses in your local area and give these companies flyers. Include your name, phone number, e-mail address, and list of services you offer on these flyers. Let them know you are willing to come to their physical office or attempt to solve their computer issues on the phone. Offer first time clients a discount of 20% off your regular rates for referring other businesses they know to your tech support company.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gateway Technical Support For Wireless Networking

Let's consider a situation when you have a computer at your study plugged in directly to the power cable or DSL modem. But now you have got another desktop or a laptop computer through which you want to access Internet from different ends of the house. Now this can be done extending the wired networking setup. But instead of creating a wired maze around, think some ways to connect the second PC wirelessly to the same network.

So, wireless networking has literally become a standard means of PC sharing. The process eliminates wired clutters and makes it easy to relocate computers and its peripherals as needed. It also gives faster access to Internet and other network resources. But, the matter is, how to set up a home networking system. According to tech support experts, setting up a wireless home network is not so critical task and can be done without physical involvement of a technician. However, you must know some basic things about wireless networking protocol to build a better understanding of the technology and follow online technical support guidance easily.

To set up wireless home networking connection it is essential to have broadband connection with a cable or DSL modem. The hardware components you need include a wireless router, USB wireless network adapter for your desktop and a PC card-card network adapter for your laptop. You can purchase the devices online to get a cheaper deal. One thing you should know here is that the wired and wireless networking process is pretty similar from a functional aspect. So, you can pretend that the connected devices are attached to each other with an invisible wire. Only several high-end applications like high definition video streaming can be done faster through wired networking setups.

Once you have all the needed hardware components at hand, you can start installing the network following the step by step instruction given online. Remote tech support professionals provide easy installation guidance so that even non-technical users can follow them. The final step of wireless network setup is configuring the network adapter. If you are running Windows XP, it can be done easily as compared to other platforms. Finally you need to connect the computers. On Windows XP SP2, the OS directly alerts you that the network has been detected. Online technical support is given here to follow the Windows prompt accordingly.

According to computer support specialists, it is advisable to purchase an ADSL modem with built in wireless router to make the wireless networking setup easier and effortless. One thing you should keep in mind that a router is not a security checkpoint of your networking system. So, you must configure security settings for your system carefully to restrict third party or unauthorized access. A wireless network can be quite secured if you configure the setup properly and allow access only to the authorized users. You must change the default setting of access; else it will be wide open to anyone staying within your network broadcasting range.

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