Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to Get Through to Verizon Customer Support

If you've ever called Verizon's customer service number, then you know that most of it is a seemingly endless loop of messages from an automated operator. Although almost every option takes you to an automated message, there are some options that put you right through to customer service. You'll need to have your account number or phone number and password handy to get through the automated messaging.


1. Call 1-800-837-4966 to reach Verizon's residential phone service or 1-800-922-0204 to reach Verizon's wireless customer service. Call 1-888-625-8111 to reach Verizon's high-speed Internet customer service. Call 1-888-881-8161 for Verizon FIOS, which is Verizon's fiber-optic telephone, TV and Internet service; FIOS is not available in all areas.

2. Follow the automated instructions, which include entering your phone number if you're calling Verizon's phone service or entering your account number if you're calling about high-speed Internet or FIOS.

3. Select either "Technical Support" or "More Options." Technical support will get you right through to customer service without anymore automated messages. "More Options" will prompt you to say something related to your problem. Say "Customer Service" to be transferred to a live person.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tech Support Services

Technical support can save you a lot of time, money and frustration. Support services are there to be able to help you troubleshoot and resolve problems you may have with your computer, peripheral devices or other electronic devises.

Not all tech support you find online is the same. Some offer cover a broader range of devices and service than others. Knowing what kind of tech support you want will help you choose the best support service for you.

Technical support services should at least cover the following:

* Printer support - whether your photos are printing in pink or your documents are just sitting around in your print queue, printer support can help.
* Software Help - Most of the time manuals and instructions just don't make sense. Software specialists can explain software operations in everyday terms.
* Computer Support - Could be drivers, hardware configurations or software incompatibilities, when your computer breaks down it could be practically anything.
* Virus Removal - There is a lot more to removing viruses and malware than running an antivirus and hitting scan.
* Digital Camera Support - Part mechanical, part computer, digital cameras create a unique blend of tech support problems.
* Wireless Support - Routers and networks are easy to use...once they are set up. Making sure your network is working and secured is not as easy as it sounds.

There can of course be more covered in tech service plans, like scanners, music players, DVR's and gaming systems. But these are the most common.

Just as tech support services vary in what they cover, many of them also vary in the type of service they provide. Different types, or levels, of support can include:

1. Support Calls - Phone calls form the basis of most tech support service plans. Call a specialist directly and have them talk you through the troubleshooting process to figure out the specific problem you are having. Phone support should be 24/7 if it is going to be of most help to you.
2. Phone Calls + PC Diagnosis - On top of the basic phone support many tech support services also include computer diagnostics to find the underlying problems to many if the tech support issues you may be encountering.
3. In Home Visits - Above and beyond. Many plans include a few in home visits. There may be a set number of these by year or by month. In addition to the phone support you can also have a specialist come to your home and assess the situation in person.
4. Remote Access - Some services may even install a program on your computer through which you can grant the specialist direct access to your computer.

With everything that is electronic and computerized in your household having 24/7 access to a helpdesk can save you a great deal of time searching forums for someone who has had your same problem, money from dropping your computer off at expensive stores where they can't guarantee they will find the problem, and most of all, stress.

Technical support keeps Hugo doing what he loves.

Hugo Grosz loves computer culture. Although he only recently began writing about the computers, you can be sure that if it's been blogged about, dugg, tumbled or tweeted he has seen it and probably reposted it somewhere. Relying solely on his weatherworn laptop, Hugo travels to the four corners of the World Wide Web exploring digital tourism, geocaching, telecommuting and every other meme imaginable.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Relevance of Growing Online Technical Support Services

Online technical support service is seen as a rapidly emerging sector. Including numerous attractive features, such as, voice based online tech support, live chat tech support and remote desktop support; this is delighting all the customers, who have been avoiding the idea of local technical support to get their computer repaired.

Online technical support is widely becoming the need of the day due to simplicity of the mode of support provided. Since this support is offered on call, online or via chat, one can take the computer repair aid without hampering his/her own work. But situation was not similar with tech support services availed by local technician. You have to be with your technician until your computer does not completely fine-tuned and also you can't be assured of complete computer protection with your local tech support provider.

* A voice support offers you the facility to get your computer corrected with instruction provided on phone. You can follow the instructions and make your computer run smoothly, without posing any threat on your computer.
* In chat support or online support, you get direct guidelines to repair your computer, which you can do while doing other works on computer.
* In remote desktop support, computer technicians make entry in your computer with your permission and heal it, until your computer does not start working smoothly.
* There are many reasons behind rising of tech support services. Some of the benefits of online tech support services are enlisted below -
* Online computer repair service does not have to deal with the constraint of time and place, as most of the time; such services are offered round the clock and you may avail it from any corner of the world.
* These online/ on call support provider not only repair your computer on instantaneous basis but also help you in saving your money and time. They ask for a much more reduced cost than your personal tech supporter has asked for. Since, most of them talk about accuracy; they stand for their service offering and help you in enjoying an accurate tech support in more professional manner

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Online Technical Support Services are Helpful

Google, the biggest search engine helps us get the desired information from thousands of search results with just a single search. The same goes for online technical support services. There are plenty of websites/companies that claim to offer great technical support services on the internet. The number of such support services has tremendously proliferated following the outstanding growth and profit potential and the growing demand for such services among people. We have decided to bring you the comprehensive guide that would not only answer your queries but also help you decide whether you should opt for such services or not or will they benefit you in any way.

Know Your Options:
Before we jump to any answer or conclusion, we want you to know everything about the online technical support companies. Knowing them is the only way to save you from wasting time and money on finding right technical support. Such companies have a team of certified and trained technical experts that are available round-the-clock, throughout the year for your convenience. The best thing is that they are available in your respective time zones. You can contact them via toll-free phone service or internet chat option. These technical support people use latest tools and technologies such as remote access of computer, email, and chat among other mediums that help you and your machine connect with them in order to resolve your problems. The whole process does not stretch beyond 15-20 minutes, depending on the nature of the problem. If they identify a hardware failure or crash problem in your machine, they suggest you to contact a local repair shop in your area.

They provide expert support services for various products and applications including Microsoft OS & other products; Macintosh OS; wired/wireless routers (any make); printers (any make); scanners (any make); antivirus software (any company); peripheral devices (any make); and non-computer devices such as Apple TV, Roku, and DVDs among others. There is a great demand of technical support services for Linksys, Netgear, and Belkin routers.

Loopholes in Security:
Owing to the tremendous growth potential of the online technical support services, there certainly have been blackguards who have blemished the industry's reputation completely. Another reason for these blackguards' continuous springing up is that some of the service providers have been completely failed to nab their unlawful intentions. Further, they do not return customers' money also, thereby putting the customers in a fix and inciting them to quit from their services. In order to avoid such situation, customers are recommended to subscribe to well-reputed companies' services and stick to them. This will save customers from spending a great deal of time and money both on finding technical support.

You can easily find such companies in their top search results, which also demonstrate that they are organized and put in lots of money and time in taking care of their customers. Generally, these companies maintain a separate department for search engine optimization activities and take utmost care of the content to be posted on the internet. Such content is designed to help customers get instant support without looking around much.

Their organized work structure and expert professionals ensure that you get value for your time and money both. As far as the payment is concerned, you need to make online payment. You can opt to pay through PayPal, Moneybookers, or Escrow among other secured payment modes.

After doing an extensive research on such companies, we have come to conclude that such services are extremely useful and beneficial for people across the globe. You get a sure fix of your problem at the comfort of your home which is great. This means you don't have to do rounds of your vendor's shop or thousands of websites, especially when you know it's really irritating and you don't have time. Subscribing to their services is also the best way to keep stranger technicians away from your home and save yourself from being deceived or looted.

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