Friday, July 31, 2009

How to Install Extensions in Google Chrome

Feeling adventuresome and absent to try some extensions in Chrome? The Chromium Code developers accept three fun and advantageous extensions that you can add to your accession of Chrome in my Microsoft windows xp.

Note: You will charge to be application a contempo block body of Chrome or a Dev Channel release.

Get Chrome Accessible for Extensions

First things first, you will charge to do a little bit of basic plan to get your accession of Google Chrome browser accessible for extensions. Locate the shortcut(s) for Chrome and appropriate click on them. Select “Properties”.

Once you accept clicked through, you will see the “Properties” window with the “Shortcut” tab displayed. In the abode breadth for “Target:” you charge to either blazon or adhesive “-“enable-extensions” (without the adduce marks) at the end authoritative assertive to leave a individual amplitude in amid the final adduce mark and the accredit extensions command. Once you accept that finished, click “Apply”, again “OK”.

Now you are accessible to go get those extensions!

Installing the Extensions

You will charge to go to the Extensions home page (link provided at basal of article) to select and install the extension(s) that you want. The three extensions that are currently accessible are Gmail Checker, Subscribe in Google Reader, and BuildBot Monitor. As you can see, anniversary addendum has “Install” and “Download Code” links.

Choose the extension(s) that you wish to use and click on “Install” for anniversary one (for our example, all three extensions will be installed). Once you accept clicked “Install”, you will see the afterward bulletin for anniversary addendum you accept chosen. Click “OK” to complete the installation.

After installing all three extensions, Chrome will attending like this. Notice that Gmail Checker and BuildBot Monitor are announcement side-by-side in the lower larboard bend .Looking great!

Now to yield an afterpiece attending at anniversary addendum in action.

Clicking on the Gmail Checker, Subscribe in Google Reader, and BuildBot Monitor extensions will accessible up new tabs. The tab for the “BuildBot Monitor” addendum gets absolutely detailed.

Accessing Your New Extensions

Now that you accept new extensions, how do you admission them or annul them if you change your apperception about them? All you accept to do is blazon or adhesive “chrome://extensions/” (without the adduce marks) into the abode bar and hit “Enter”. Here is what the extensions page looks like. To uninstall any of the extensions artlessly click on the “Uninstall” button.

Have fun with your new extensions for Chrome!

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Windows 7 vs. Windows XP

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Windows 7 vs. Windows XP

Many PC manufacturers, including netbook makers, are alms a free upgrades and advancement agenda for Microsoft's Windows 7 and it's time we activate out how Windows 7 will accomplish on one of the a lot of accepted netbooks currently on the market! Using the absolution candidate, we installed Windows 7 on the Dell netbook and ran all the benchmarks we run in our abounding reviews in adjustment to get a abounding consequence on how Windows 7 endless up against Microsoft Windows XP on a netbook. Many in the association active netbooks are absolutely acquisitive Windows 7 holds its own on a netbook because, let's face it, 2002's Windows XP on any 2009 arrangement just seems backwards.

Armed with a 4 GB accelerated USB flash drive and step-by-step instructions by Kurt Shintaku, we were calmly able to install Windows 7 on the netbook. We aboriginal austere the Windows 7 RC angel to a DVD, but you could calmly arise the ISO to a basic drive instead. Following the affiliated instructions, we created a bootable Windows 7 accession flash drive with no issues.

Now, aback the flash drive is detected as a disposable harder deejay to the computer, we had to adapt the BIOS settings in adjustment to accomplish the flash drive the primary harder disk. Already we did this, the Windows 7 installer booted appropriate up and we were able to activate our Windows 7 accession just as any other. There is a slight trick, though, as already the installer copies the antecedent set of files to the harder deejay and reboots, you accept to access the BIOS afresh and set the centralized harder drive aback to the primary so it is the one that boots. Besides that, installing Windows 7 was a breeze.

Windows 7 had drivers installed for all of our accouterments appropriate out of the box except the ACPI disciplinarian which allows the dejected action hot keys to all plan correctly. However, afterwards a amount of updates, Windows 7 in fact knew that we had not installed the ACPI disciplinarian yet and acicular us anon to disciplinarian which we downloaded and installed and it formed perfectly. I would also acclaim installing the Intel Graphics disciplinarian from the alternative Windows updates as it does install some added files acclimated by the driver.

Now that we accept explained how we accept installed Windows 7 on the Dell netbook, let’s see how it performed adjoin the pre-installed Windows XP installation!

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