Thursday, August 27, 2009

Protect your Ms Word book with a password

You can assure your certificate by applying password so that crooked being can not affectation as able-bodied as adapt your document. You can administer two types of passwords:

Password to accessible the document:

If it is activated again you accept to accord the actual password to accessible the document, contrarily you cannot accessible the document.

Password to adapt the document:

If it is activated again you accept to accord the actual password to adapt the document, contrarily your certificate is opened but you cannot adapt the document. It agency that your certificate becomes read-only.

To administer a password to document, chase these steps.

* Accessible Save As chat box by selecting "Save As" command from Book menu.

* Bang "Tools" button of Save As chat box and accept "General Options" from bead down menu, "Save" chat box appears as apparent in amount below.

* Enter aboriginal password in "Password to open" argument box and additional password in "Password to modify" argument box (if required) and bang "Ok" button of chat box. Microsoft Word will accessible "Confirm Password" chat box for the acceptance of passwords. The best breadth of password is 15 characters.

* Re-enter the password to accessible and password to adapt and bang "Ok" button of Confirm Password chat boxes one by one.

* Bang "Save" button of Save As chat box.

Make sure you don’t share your password with anyone. Keeping your password a secret is a must for your personal data and computer security.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Get Drivers for windows 7

Looking for Microsoft windows 7 drivers, don’t worry here you search ends, and if you need any technical support for ant technical issue you can always visit

Step 1

When Microsoft Windows 7 is installed and ready, it would be active on the absence drivers. Performance would be minimized (especially your Graphic Cards).

First, click the START menu, and click CONTROL PANEL.

Step 2

All Control Panel Items

All Control Panel Items

The Control Panel will either accept several icons, or will appearance you the capital categories. If it is the later, click " All Control Panel Items " in the lower right.

Step 3

2nd Column, 4th Row

2nd Column, 4th Row

Click " Device Manager ".

Step 4


Click " + "

On the larboard duke ancillary of " Device Manager " will be all the accouterments apparatus that your Microsoft windows has accustomed on your computer. Open the subcategories by beat the " + " symbol

Step 5

Right Click Component -----> Update Driver

Right Click Component -----> Update Driver

Now, go advanced and appropriate click anniversary of your computers locations and click “Update Disciplinarian ". Then click “Seek automatically for adapted disciplinarian software ".

Step 6

This should accomplish Windows seek for the new drivers support or it should affirm that the drivers are already up to date. You can go advanced and do that for aggregate you feel is all-important to be updated. The accepted advertisement of a lot of of the drivers you'd charge are:



Disk Drive

DVD/CD-ROM drives


Network Adapters


System Devices

Display Adapters

Step 7

For NVidia, they accept a new set of Windows 7 video drivers, just go to this site:

Then, go to the " Download Drivers " bar on top and click " Windows 7 ". It will yield you to a new site, area you can chase its own instructions.

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