Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to Clear Recent Documents in your start up Menu

There are a few affidavit you you ability wish to clear your Recent Documents. It slows down your Start Card and you ability not wish humans seeing images, documents, argument files you've ahead had open.

They accomplish abounding programs that do it automatically or advice you annul Recent Abstracts and added issues like Browser History, PageFile, Cookies... you name it but they may amount money or in fact install spyware or virus on your computer. And to remove them you will need spyware blocker and virus removal softwares.

This is how you do it after a program. It's easy, anyone can do it and it alone takes a few clicks and a few account of your time..

Step 1

On your Microsoft Windows computer, click the Start button. Go to Settings and again go to Task Bar and again Start Menu.

Step 2

Now Click the Start Card Tab at the top

Now Click the Start Card Tab at the top and again click the Customize button at the bottom.

Step 3

Click Clear

Now artlessly click Clear.

That's all. You just austere Recent Abstracts in the start menu.

NOTE : Clearing the Recent abstracts doesn't annul the files from your computer.

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