Sunday, July 17, 2011

Windows XP Technical Help

Microsoft released the Windows XP operating system in 2001 and continues to offer several sources of technical support. Windows XP users can find information within the "Help" section of their computer system and online, and can contact technical support with questions about advanced issues.


To view computer help in Windows XP, click the "Start" button and then select "Help and Support." A window will open displaying help topics such as computer information, networking, hardware, and performance and maintenance. Access Windows XP troubleshooting programs and diagnostic tools by clicking on the "Fixing a Problem" link.


As of 2010, Microsoft offers an online support center to assist with Windows XP problems (see Resources). Help is available through articles containing information on error messages, program updates and common issues. Microsoft technical communities offer a forum to exchange information, find answers to questions and discuss problems.

Customer Support

You can contact Microsoft's technical support via email, online chat or phone (see Resources). You will need to provide details about your computer system. Include specific information about the technical issue being experienced.

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