Friday, August 19, 2011

How to Get Computer Help

There's not many things that are more frustrating than a broken or malfunctioning computer. If you are not so lucky as to be technically gifted in this aspect, you likely need to get help with your computer when it's not operating as it should. Even if your computer is not technically broken, you may still need help with some computer issue, such as a program not installing properly or losing a file that you forgot to save. No matter what your issue, you have several options for getting computer help.


Identify the computer issue as much as possible. This will help you explain what kind of help you need. The extent to which you can identify the issue depends on your computer knowledge.

Talk with your friends and family members, especially those that you already know have knowledge of computers. They may be able to help you out for free or refer you to someone who can. With computers, sometimes the smallest little tweak can solve a large problem.

Ask your friends and family members for professional referrals if no one can help out themselves. Computer issues are nearly universal, and odds are someone you know has had to seek professional help.

Contact the computer repair professionals you were referred to or those in your area. Explain the issue and try to get a price estimate.

Check out the various professionals before choosing one. Qualified technicians will have some kind of formal training, such as a degree or certificate. It's also better to find a technician that specializes in your issue or type of computer, such as a Mac or a laptop.

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