Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Block Spam from International Senders in Windows Vista Mail

I don’t personally use the Windows Mail computer that comes with Microsoft Windows Vista, but patch I was researching how to consume it to admittance my Gmail locally, I unconcealed a pleasant choice in the Junk Email Options pane.

A super turn of the email that I intend consists of accumulation reaching from every sort of planetary domains. Since I don’t have some near friends that springy in other countries, I rattling don’t requirement to wager some email from most of those domains, at small not on my individualized accounts.

To country every of that email accumulation from touch your inbox, open Windows Mail and go to the Tools \\ Junk Mail Options item. Click the International tab, and you should wager this screen:

There are digit seperate structures that you can country planetary spam: First, you can country the domains themselves by selecting them here. If you do the Select All option, you should be warned that .US is also in that list.

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